Permanent Ink Remover 125ml

From KSh 3,099.00 Excluding Vat

Smarter Surfaces Permanent Ink Remover, restore your whiteboard to a new condition

This whiteboard cleaning spray is designed to remove stubborn stains and permanent marker from Smarter Surfaces dry erase products such as Smart Whiteboard Paint White and Clear.

Remove the stubborn dirt, grease and finger marks with this whiteboard cleaner to get a spot free performance.

Simply spray directly onto the desired area of the whiteboard and wipe clean. For the best results, we recommend you use this product with our microfiber cloth.

It is advisable not to use this product every day as you may damage your surface. For everyday cleaning, please use Smart Whiteboard Cleaning Spray.

You will receive:

  • 1 Permanent Ink Remover Spray

Product Details:

  • Pump spray
  • Safe to use on all boards, but not for everyday cleaning
  • Removes ghosting, stubborn stains and permanent marker on whiteboards
  • Non-hazardous formula & non-flammable
  • Capacity: 125ml

Smarter Surfaces is a world leader in providing surface solutions including our permanent ink remover and is represented in Kenya by Antarc, Africa’s leading supplier of Workspace and Interior solutions. This paint is currently the best performing dry erase paint on the market. It is a high quality and reliable alternative to traditional whiteboards or flip charts and outperforms all competitor products.