To ensure a perfect magnetic whiteboard finish, please :

Before application undercoat with a primer if the surface is absorbent to ensure the product is not absorbed into the surface.
Apply the magnetic paint to the surface. Apply 3 coats and allow to dry between each coat for 2 hours. Sand lightly between coats.
If using our Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint White apply two coats of white primer to the magnetic wall to cover up any imperfections and the grey color of the magnetic paint. If using our Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint Clear apply two coats of clear primer over the color of your choice that has been painted over our magnetic paint. Allow primer to dry in between coats and wait 24 hours before applying top coat.
Be sure to use a different roller for both the primer and the whiteboard wall paint. If you choose to use the same roller, the water involved in washing the roller will have damaging effects on the whiteboard paint.
Apply one coat of Smart Whiteboard Paint to the surface after primer is fully dry
Only paint the specified coverage area as clearly labeled on the tin. Stretching the paint will affect the whiteboard performance.
Note this is a one coat specialist coating. To ensure optimum results we recommend rolling over the surface ten times during the coat.

Once applied correctly, our magnetic whiteboard paint comes with a ten-year performance guarantee.

How is Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint applied?

Read or download step-by-step application guide.

Watch our step-by-step Video Application Guide

How and when to use personal protective equipment.

Use the gloves supplied in the kit while applying Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint. In addition, safety glasses should be worn. As with any painting process, ensure the room is ventilated

Is Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint flammable?

Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint is not flammable paint. It has a flashpoint above 158 degrees Fahrenheit.

How do I remove the paint from skin?

There are two ways you can remove whiteboard paint from skin. The first option is to mix salt into warm water and rinse your hands with the solution. The second option is to use a premade material called sand soap which can be purchased in any good car garage.

Each 65ft² Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint (White) kit includes: Smart Magnetic Paint, Smart White Primer, Smart Whiteboard Paint White, Smart Neo Magnets, surface sticker, microfibre cloth, roller sleeve and handle, gloves, stirring stick, sanding block and application guide.

Each 65ft² Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint (Clear) kit includes: Smart Magnetic Paint, Smart Whiteboard Paint Clear, Smart Neo Magnets, surface sticker, microfibre cloth, roller sleeve and handle, gloves, stirring stick, sanding block and application guide.

Are there different colors available?

Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint is available in a white finish or a clear (transparent) finish. The clear finish allows you to retain the original color or graphics on your wall and benefit from whiteboard and magnetic functionality.

Are there different sizes available?

Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint is available in 2 kit sizes: 21ft² & 65ft² These kits can be combined to create larger size areas.

What roller to use for painting walls with Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint?

Each kit is supplied with a roller designed to be used with your magnetic and dry erase paint.

Your Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Surface can be wiped clean with a regular dry or slightly damp cloth. For easier cleaning you can also use any standard Whiteboard Cleaning Spray. For tough or stubborn marks, we recommend customers use our Permanent Ink Remover.
During the first 30 days from application, we recommend cleaning your surface every day using the supplied micorfibre cloth. After 30 days it is recommended to thoroughly clean the surface weekly with a standard whiteboard cleaner.

There are ‘shadows’ or large marks on my surface, what can cause this?

This is likely due to either improper application or the paint has been “stretched” over an area larger than advised. The Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint application guide must be followed for all applications. The paint is formulated specifically to cover the area specified on the kit and cannot be stretched to cover an area greater than we recommend.

How to clean a stained magnetic whiteboard wall?

We recommend you try our Permanent Ink Remover on troublesome areas of your surface. This is an extremely high performing product which is not suitable for daily cleaning. If you would like advice on any issue, please email a picture of the affected area, along with your order number and total surface size (in square feet) to

Can I use alcohol to clean my Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint surface?

Continued use of alcohol on Smart Whiteboard Paint may deteriorate the integrity of your surface and reduce performance. We have designed our range of cleaning fluids to provide the best cleaning results while maintaining the quality you expect from your Smart Surface.

What type of magnets can be used with Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint?

Neodymium or rare earth magnets should be used. Note: ordinary household magnets are not suitable.

Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint is designed to be compatible with all good quality whiteboard markers. For the best compatibility, we recommend purchasing our markers as these have been tested for optimum compatibility with Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint.

Can I use permanent markers?

No, like any regular whiteboard, Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint is not compatible with permanent markers. If permanent markers are used on Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint, we advise using our Permanent Ink Remover to remove.

How do I get permanent marker off a whiteboard wall?

It may be possible to remove a permanent marker by writing over it with a whiteboard marker. This will ‘wet’ the ink again, thus making it easier to remove. Wait two minutes, then wipe off. If this fails to work, use Permanent Ink Remover available from our web store. This is a specialized cleaner designed to remove permanent marker, stubborn stains and ghosting from whiteboards and whiteboard painted surfaces.

It’s easy! Use your magnetic and dry erase paint surface in exactly the same way as you would use a whiteboard or magnetic surface. Write-on wipe-off – repeat!

Any high quality whiteboard accessories and rare earth magnets will work with Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint.

Visit our “How to Use” page of our website to spark your imagination of all the ways you can work better with our products.

Can I create a magnetic whiteboard on any surface?

Magnetic whiteboard wall paint can be applied on almost any smooth surface including plaster, wallboard, concrete, wood and plastic, as long as the surface has been sealed before application. It is essential to prime the surface first with Smart White Primer or any good quality water based white primer if the paint is applied over plaster, dry wood, or a very porous surface.

Why should I apply primers after applying the magnetic paint?

Primers help give a surface a smooth finish. Primers are also used to conceal the grey magnetic color (due to the high iron content) of our magnetic products.

Can I paint onto wood with magnetic whiteboard paint?

Yes, ensure that the surface is smooth before application, fill any holes with a filler, and then apply Smart Magnetic Paint followed by the primer and whiteboard paint. Sand lightly after each coat of magnetic paint and primer.

Can I paint over wallpaper with Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint?

Yes, you can apply Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint over a smooth wallpaper only. Do not apply over a textured wallpaper. Apply Smart Primer in clear or white if the wallpaper is porous.

Can Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint be used outside?

Yes. Our product has been tested to withstand temperatures up to minus 16 degrees celsius and is UV light (ultraviolet) resistant. However, the area should be sheltered and dry to ensure best performance. Please note Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint should not be stored for an extended period of time below zero.

Will the walls yellow in sunlight?

Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint is used in very hot climates all over the world including the Middle East and Australia. UV resistance means that interior surfaces with Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint will not yellow, even in the hottest conditions.

Can I project onto magnetic whiteboard paint?

Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint can be used as a projector surface although it was not designed for this purpose. Many of our education and business customers use Smart Whiteboard Paint as a projection surface (as well as a whiteboard surface). For a better quality projection surface please use one of our projection screen solutions specifically designed for projection.

Will there be a reflection?

If you notice a ‘hotspot’ on the surface, simply re-angle your projector to eliminate it. If you require a high-performance projector surface we recommend using one of our Projector Paints. If you are looking for a surface with projector, whiteboard and magnetic functionalities, choose our Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Wallpaper Low Sheen.

Why should I apply primer before applying Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint?

A primer helps give a surface a smooth finish. Secondly, they act to ‘seal’ a surface. This means that when you apply Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint on a surface that has been primed, the properties within our whiteboard paint will stay on the wall rather than being absorbed into the wall. In summary, using a primer or sealer means you will get a smoother surface with optimum write-on-wipe-off functionality.

What type of heater can be used to speed up the primer’s drying process? Can an infrared lamp be used?

A normal fan heater can be used to speed up the drying process. An infrared lamp can also be used but it can’t be placed too close to the surface.

Can magnetic whiteboard paint be applied on any surface?

Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint can be applied to almost any smooth surface (glass, metal, concrete, wood, etc). For a coloured magnetic and whiteboard surface, please choose our magnetic whiteboard paint in clear, for a glossy white finish please use our magnetic whiteboard paint in white.